Brian D McGee

Brian McGee

London based – globally connected

Services Brief

  • Write/edit articles, reports, newsletters & blogs
  • Proofread/copy edit/localise presentations, bid proposals, client pitches
  • Create content for your website or intranet
  • Garner client testimonials, compile case studies
  • Develop social media (Twitter, LinkedIn) content & strategy
  • Provide training & consultancy


I’m a journalist by background (Reuters pictures desk, Bloomberg business wire service), also a qualified teacher.

I have more than 20 years’ experience spanning the media, business and charities, including work overseas (Spain, Canada, France; fieldwork in Indonesia, Senegal).

But this is as much about you. It’s a partnership.

Whatever the project – from blog writing or boosting your social media presence to creating a marketing newsletter or compiling case studies – it will be true to your tone of voice and the culture of your business.

I’ll listen to you so we get that right, as well as doing my own research – including interviews if the commission requires it.

If you’re in a hurry, I may be able to help.

Quick? Yes. Rushed? Never.

See what my clients (business owners, commissioning editors, PRs) have to say about what I do and how I work.

Here’s how I can help you:

  • write/edit articles, reports, newsletters & blogs;
  • proofread/copy edit/localise presentations, bid proposals, client pitches;
  • create content for your website or intranet;
  • garner client testimonials, compile case studies;
  • develop social media (Twitter, LinkedIn) content & strategy;
  • provide training & consultancy.

Want to know more? I’ll be happy to talk to you, by telephone or on Skype, to explore how we might work together.

A first conversation is free and, of course, without any obligation.

It will be great to learn more about your challenge. Together, we can arrive at a solution.

Value added. Problem solved.