Beyond the Screens

Life without screens? That ship has sailed.

We can arguably have too much of a digital thing.
This page explores how to achieve some kind of (imperfect) balance.

So pull on those boots to defy the weather:
in the woods, on the beach, in your own back yard.

Great Outdoors

Want to spend hours hunched over these screens?

Reconciling productive, enjoyable work with the time to savour our leisure (and run our lives)… a fine challenge.

This page showcases blogs (Certain Age?) and events that encourage us (me too) to be more active in the great outdoors.

And to consider how being out there – whatever the weather – can enhance our work, rest and play.

About Me

Thinking Time

Faced with all those pressures, how about a daily stroll near home or work? Then visit the beach, hills and mountains when you can.

Taking your thoughts for a walk may help hatch all kinds of new ideas.

And, as I write in a client blog, allow you to “focus better once you and the to-do list are reunited.”

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Power of Habits

Exercise doesn’t just mean the gym. The stairs (if you can), that extra walk, swapping a car journey for the bus…

“If we have habits that work for us, we’re much more likely to be happy, healthy, productive, and creative” – Gretchen Rubin.

My own habits? Since taking up the piano a day with no practice feels odd. Long walks too: during her extended visit a family dog helped those get longer still – whatever the weather.

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