Post Office scandal: 10 (quick, free) ways to lend your support – and keep up the pressure #BeMoreAlanBates

Fraud illustration in a blog by Brian McGee about the Post Office scandal

Post Office, a brand synonymous with trust and community. Judging from the ITV drama Mr Bates vs the Post Office, that is debatable to say the least. The scandal is an omni-shambles: a faulty IT system called Horizon, mismanagement, lies (more lies), possible fraud… The result? Hundreds of postmasters’ lives and health blighted by years… Read more »

“If you like words and you like music, you probably like poetry”

A coach, an HR business owner, a children’s author and a communications specialist walk into a bar (OK, this blog). They get chatting about poetry with a marketing consultant and an advertising creative. Here are a few of their favourite poems. And what if poetry puts you off, brings you out in hives? These kind… Read more »

Ismail Alli-Balogun on climate change, construction innovation, patience

Ismail Alli-Balogun, construction entrepreneur

Climate change is now biting, and hard – from floods in Germany, via extreme heat in Italy, Spain and the United States, to rising sea levels. While it may be tempting to wait for big-government solutions as the COP26 global climate summit approaches this autumn, businesses have their part to play too. Ismail Alli-Balogun, a… Read more »