“If you like words and you like music, you probably like poetry”

A coach, an HR business owner, a children’s author and a communications specialist walk into a bar (OK, this blog). They get chatting about poetry with a marketing consultant and an advertising creative. Here are a few of their favourite poems. And what if poetry puts you off, brings you out in hives? These kind… Read more »

Careers adviser Jennifer Harris (and students) on chance, connections, climate-change protests

Careers adviser Jennifer Harris in an interview with freelance writer Brian McGee

Careers: we all have our own story to tell, including no doubt many twists and turns, directions intended and others taken that we least expected. Those embarking on working life face many challenges as they seek to develop a career that best matches their talents, interests and values. Jennifer Harris, head of careers at Royal… Read more »

Ismail Alli-Balogun on climate change, construction innovation, patience

Ismail Alli-Balogun, construction entrepreneur

Climate change is now biting, and hard – from floods in Germany, via extreme heat in Italy, Spain and the United States, to rising sea levels. While it may be tempting to wait for big-government solutions as the COP26 global climate summit approaches this autumn, businesses have their part to play too. Ismail Alli-Balogun, a… Read more »

SEO specialist Josh Hamit on Google, charming writing, creativity – and eels

SEO specialist Josh Hamit

Your website is a fine creation, after all that time and effort you and the designer dedicated to content, imagery and user experience. Grand! But you still need those ideal customers to find your business online. This is where SEO, or search engine optimization, can help you to achieve your business goals. In the first… Read more »