Careers adviser Jennifer Harris (and students) on chance, connections, climate-change protests

Careers adviser Jennifer Harris in an interview with freelance writer Brian McGee

Careers: we all have our own story to tell, including no doubt many twists and turns, directions intended and others taken that we least expected. Those embarking on working life face many challenges as they seek to develop a career that best matches their talents, interests and values. Jennifer Harris, head of careers at Royal… Read more »

Facebook: love it, hate it… ignore it at our peril? #BOWRivoli workshop

Peril, that may be melodramatic. But with about 1.3 billion users active on Facebook every day, it’s a social media platform with massive potential for business. Here’s a workshop that explores just that. True enough, the product or service you offer may not appeal to a billion+ people. As ever, you want as clear a… Read more »