100-day letter-writing challenge: #BMcreative100letters

Write a (short) letter to friends and family every day for 100 days

Habit-forming? That’s the plan for #BMcreative100letters.

Writing a daily letter, however short, to family and friends for more than three months will hopefully lead to a habit that sticks.

And even if it doesn’t, the 100-day process may just deliver all kinds of benefits.

Getting back in touch with friends and acquaintances, keeping up with family near and far? I’m looking forward to doing more of that.

Habits: a very brief dip into resources, ideas and (possible) next steps

I’ve done 30-day writing challenges before.

Recently, while out walking, I decided to give the 100-day challenge another go. The last #BMcreative100letters version was between January and April 2021 (a post on LinkedIn): time flies, and all that.

The plan is to spend 15 to 30 minutes every day on this project. Sometimes it will be a brief postcard, including the version I use for #oldfindsnewstories.

(Seamus the sheepdog makes a cameo appearance in the illustration by Allison Parkinson; graphic design by Stephen Shillito, printing by Press Gang.)

Photo of my border collie Seamus in a blog by Brian McGee

In a previous edition of this #BMcreative100letters challenge, the daily habit slipped a little now and again… inevitably, no doubt.

That’s OK, it’s the intention – and getting back on the horse – that counts, right?

My #BMcreative100letters challenge between January and April 2021 was mostly a success in its intention…

It feels like the right time to give it another go, and build on that. At some point I’ll write a blog about letter writing too.

Vintage stamps to illustrate #BMcreative100letters

(Only) the price of a stamp? Yes, fair point, they are anything but cheap these days. Still, I can deliver some in person to local friends, or other mates or family when I see them in person.

Buying the stamps might also be the opportunity to ask a sub-postmaster if all’s going OK with their fearless leaders at the Post Office.

Post Office scandal: 10 (quick, free) ways to lend your support – and keep up the pressure #BeMoreAlanBates


While researching a previous writing challenge I hit on this lovely poem by Helena Minton, “Letter from Shuyak Island, Alaska,” addressed to her grandmother, via the Poetry Foundation

I liked to sit at your dressing table
Whiskey-coloured perfumes smelled of dust.
The photograph besides the mirror showed
a serious face, a man in pince-nez
who died the year I was born.

“If you like words and you like music, you probably like poetry”

You may also like this TEDx talk: “Why write?” talk by Jake Weidman

And here’s a blog about #PortesdePenge postcards, with thanks again to Press Gang for the printing and Stephen Shillito  for the graphic design.

Image credits: anSICHThoch3 and pasja1000 on Pixabay;
Seamus photo by Brian McGee

A post on LinkedIn about the #BMcreative100letters writing challenge

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