100-day letter-writing challenge: #BMcreative100letters

Write a (short) letter to friends and family every day for 100 days

Habit-forming? That’s the plan. Writing a daily letter, however short, to family and friends for more than three months will hopefully lead to a habit that sticks.

I’ve done 30-day writing challenges before and, while out on a long New Year’s walk, the idea emerged to try extending that. The plan is to spend 30 minutes every day on this project.

Early on (I started just before New Year) letters went to Cornwall, Devon, Dublin, London, Kent (including Dover), West Sussex and Wiltshire. After a while, the daily habit slipped a little… inevitably, no doubt.

My 100-day #BMcreative100letters challenge between January and April was a success in its intention…

(While researching a previous (30-day) writing challenge I hit on this lovely poem by Helena Minton, “Letter from Shuyak Island, Alaska,” via the Poetry Foundation

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And here’s a blog about #PortesdePenge postcards, with thanks to Press Gang for the printing and Stephen Shillito  for the graphic design.)

Lead image by anSICHThoch3 on Pixabay

A post on LinkedIn about the #BMcreative100letters writing challenge

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