21-day challenge: post (most days) on Google Business page

A daily post to get back into a website-friendly habit

Some habits somehow are easier to get into, and stick to, than others: Google Business is a case in point.

That seems to be the case, for me at least, when it comes to daily (five or six times a week) posts on my Google Business page. It doesn’t take long, so that’s not the issue.

So I’ve set myself a 21-day challenge – until the end of November – to help anchor a helpful habit.

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I’ll aim to post at about the same time every day, as that can help establish a new habit too (I read this somewhere recently, but can I find the reference…? I will, of course, credit the source once I find it.)

Incidentally, thank you to magazine publisher & business coach Angela Burgess, a guest interviewee, for the nudge about Google Business. That reminded me that I wanted to re-establish this habit as part of my marketing.

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Tuesday November 9 2021
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