30-day writing challenge: a daily letter to friends & family

Write a (short) letter or postcard to friends and family every day for 30 days

We all want to keep in touch with friends and family during the strange times of a continuing pandemic and, let’s face it, we still need to hear from people too. How about we write a postcard or letter to someone more often than usual?

So I’ve set myself another — I did the same a few months back, earlier in these Covid days — 30-day challenge to send a postcard, handwritten note or letter to a friend or family member. Every day starting from Monday 7 September. 

Writing that card, postcard or letter will take an estimated 10 minutes or so, less in some cases. 

(Timed 10 minutes to focus on one thing, rather than be drawn in several directions at once: are you also a fan of that approach? A previous blog about reading mentions this too.)

Who knows, I may even manage a letter once a week.

Occasionally, patchily, seldom. That’s how often I do that already. 

As to the benefits, let’s see.

(I hit on this lovely poem by Helena Minton, “Letter from Shuyak Island, Alaska,” via the Poetry Foundation

You may also like this TEDx talk: “Why write?” talk by Jake Weidman

And here’s a blog focusing on #PortesdePenge postcards, with thanks to Press Gang for the printing and Stephen Shillito  for the graphic design.)

Lead image by TheoRivierenlaan; Roman numeral image by TanteTati, both on Pixabay


If you’re working a 7-day/30-day challenge like this, here’s a suggestion: post occasional updates on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media.

Here’s a tweet with a recap from day 8 of a previous version of this writing challenge. This helped me make a bit more progress with a new habit. That I’m now trying out again…

A post on LinkedIn from a previous 30-day challenge

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