30-day challenge: a postcard to friends & family: September 2019

Write a postcard (including #PortesdePenge & #bmcreativeplaces) or letter every day

Yes, yes — we’re all busy. Too much to do, too little time. Martyrs to the to-do list…

So I’ve set myself a 30-day challenge to send a postcard or handwritten note to a friend or family member. Every day.

It will take an estimated 10 minutes or so.

(Timed 10 minutes to focus on one thing, rather than be drawn in several directions at once: are you also a fan of that approach? A previous blog about reading mentions this too.)

Who knows, I may even manage a letter once a week.

Do I do this already? Occasionally, patchily, sometimes.

As to the benefits, let’s see…

(I hit on this lovely poem by Helena Minton, “Letter from Shuyak Island, Alaska,” via the Poetry Foundation: http://bit.ly/348gxIj

You may also like this TEDx “Why write?” talk by Jake Weidmann: http://bit.ly/2Zw0UHt

And here’s a not unrelated — without wishing to speak like former prime minister John Major — blog focusing on #PortesdePenge postcards)  

Lead image by TheoRivierenlaan; Roman numeral image by TanteTati, both on Pixabay


If you have an e.g. 30-day challenge like this, here’s a suggestion: post occasional updates on Twitter, Facebook, or another social-media platform of your choice…

For instance here’s a tweet with a recap on day 8. As much as anything, this helps me to make a bit more progress with an (emerging) new habit.

Here’s my post on LinkedIn

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