#BMweeklyblogchallenge: join in? (Humanity permitted)

Rebooting my business, moving new projects forward. Join in the once-a-week challenge?

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BMweeklyblogchallenge After some time away from blogging, including a fair few blogs in draft that just didn’t make the grade, it’s time to get back to it.

*Update: after getting out of the blogging habit in March, I’ve extended this challenge until the end of April*

In the run-up to Christmas, we got the motor running with these blogs:

Carols and poems to savour: Christmas, Hanukkah, solstice

Frugal Christmas sound appealing? 12-ish ideas, invitations (should-free zone)

What will be the focus of my BMweeklyblogchallenge writing?

  1. language, communications, writing
  2. (cooking & growing) food
  3. smallholdings: how to get started…
  4. money – frugal living, saving
  5. upcycling, cutting waste: #oldfindsnewstories

The first three in the 2024 series are here (most recent first):

Alexei Navalny, “the Kremlin’s personal political prisoner,” 1976-2024: 5 acts to honour his life

Nano-adventures, mini-wins, mindful moments: 5 ideas

Scots: a celebration in 10 words of everyday poetry

Books that stay with us: a year of reading in 12 brief examples

Post Office scandal: 10 (quick, free) ways to lend your support – and keep up the pressure #BeMoreAlanBates

Food, farming, frugal living: my focus for 2024. Here’s a flavour

Humanity permitted? Well, 12 out of 12 blogs would be grand between now and the end of March. However, I am human, and an off-day or a week where life wears us down… well, this too can happen.

As a friend of mine on  LinkedIn says: it’s the intention that counts.

Some of the blogs in this new series will have input from other creatives and business owners.

Where it makes sense, I’ll link back to previous blogs, for instance:

How to encourage reader comments on your blogs: seven ideas

SEO specialist Josh Hamit on Google, charming writing, creativity – and eels

Habits: a very brief dip into resources, ideas and (possible) next steps

A pair of boots to illustrate #BMweeklyblogchallenge

Stuck for ideas, hit a wall in your writing? A walk may help…

At about  the half-way point in this three-month challenge, around mid-February, I’ll probably write a blog about my experience so far.


Stuck  for blog ideas yourself? The list of possibilities is pretty much endless. A few suggestions:

  • What do your clients ask you about over and again?
  • What are you learning about at the moment?
  • What intrigues you right now? (<beyond-work> too? Sure… )
  • Do you have a pet peeve [but you don’t just want to rant]:
    • sales-y networking?
    • poor customer service?
    • pointless meetings?

Once you’ve written a blog, that’s it, right? I  mean the readers will just flock to it… Can you see where I’m going with this?

You might want to promote it, for example on:

  • LinkedIn
  • your Facebook profile/page
  • Instagram
  • Twitter/X if you have a presence
  • a work intranet/WhatsApp group

New year, new project? OK, so the timing is a bit of a cliché, but clichés are allowed. I’m looking forward to this BMweeklyblogchallenge

Image credits: MabelAmber, kubiwka, LUM3N, Bru-nO, all on Pixabay

A stack of notebooks to illustrate #BMweeklyblogchallenge

What blog ideas are in your daily notebook or journal?

This event has passed. Please check the Events page for our next events.


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