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On Saturday 27 April from 10am to 3pm we’ll be at The Market Dover. One in the eye to waste on what will, we’re sure, be a glorious day of spring sunshine.

On offer from #oldfindsnewstories: garden decor (terracotta especially), plants for house and garden, as well as carefully chosen artwork and books.

Pre-loved, second-hand items, sourced from as close to Dover as possible? You’ve got it.

Saturday 27 April, 10am to 3pm #oldfindsnewstories: terracotta pots, plants, books, artwork – curated

In the run-up to this first community get-together of the spring, we’re doing a push to increase sign-ups to our newsletter.

As a thank you — really, it will be grand to have you on board — #oldfindsnewstories will donate up to £100, split between four UK charities.

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So, for each of those lovely additions to our e-mail lists between now and the end of Saturday 27 April, we’ll donate one whole pound to charity.

OK, so it’s not a lot multiplied by one. But times 20, 50, even 100…

(We’ll of course add Gift Aid so the taxman chips in too and makes the donation go further.)

Phot of heather and lavender in terracotta pots, similar to those sourced and sold by #oldfindsnewstories

Our four focus charities for this <go on, go on, sign up> challenge are, in (only fair) alphabetical order:

  • Border Collie Trust GB
  • Dover Pride
  • Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution
  • Seafarers’ Charity

I’m sure all four will be grateful for whatever support we can give them.

All it takes from you is… well, here’s that link:

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Thank you very much.

(Image credits: Peggychoucair, PublicDomainPictures, YoshisMom on Pixabay; Annie Tanner on Unplash)

Your sign-up to our newsletter helps support four UK charities. Thank you!

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