Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) training course: Mind East Kent

A two-day online course on mental health and wellbeing

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“In a world where so many are quick to criticise, snipe & be snidey (particularly online), you can be different. Look after each other.” That’s a tweet by Alan Burrows, chief executive of Motherwell Football Club.

It will be a pleasure to take this Mental Health First Aid training course, which is limited to 16 people and led by an instructor from mental health charity Mind.

Here’s an excerpt from Mind East Kent’s website (screenshot):

Screenshot from Mind East Kent about Mental Health First Aider training

Further details are available here about:

who the course is aimed at

the format of the online training

what you will get at the end of the two days

It was Mental Health Awareness Week from Mon 10 May to Sun 16 May, with the hashtags #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2021 (links are to Twitter)

It got a lot a lot of media coverage, from ITV (the benefits of the great outdoors) to Bloomberg on the pros and cons of plans for Instagram Youth aimed at pre-teens, via Men’s Health magazine.

(Credit to the website NewsNow for access to some of those links.)

if my mental health improves from talking about it, and it helps others to talk, why can’t a podcast be a tool to do the same, and also make talking about mental health more casual — England rugby prop Joe Marler, Men’s Health, Fri 14 May 2021

And before that week began, a books essay in the Financial Times on 5 May 2021 read:

During lockdown, those of us already familiar with depression’s plague-marks have watched for the signs in ourselves and others, while the previously undepressed have begun to get an inkling of common symptoms: insomnia, agoraphobic withdrawal, rumination and “brain fog”

Here are a few of my own blogs that, while not specifically about mental health, touch on it:

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You may also be interested in this page: #BMBeyondtheScreens

(Photo by Trevor Pye, illustration by Tim Mossholder, both on Unsplash; final image © Brian McGee)

Brighton beach on a grey overcast day

This event has passed. Please check the Events page for our next events.


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