National Poetry Day: rhyme time, ode to the road (ahead): 7 October

(Poetry, of course, doesn't have to rhyme) What are your favourite poems or poets? #NationalPoetryDay

#NationalPoetryDay is a few months away, but looking ahead, having another thing to look forward to — well, that’s a tonic, as they might say in Ireland.

Reminds me of Seamus Heaney, the Irish poet; he’s a favourite of new US President Joe Biden, I learnt at the time of his inauguration.

Do you have a favourite poet or poem? Or do you find poetry off-putting?

Back to Thursday 7 October. The aim of #NationalPoetryDay is for us to enjoy, discover and share poetry. What’s not to like after all that time apart? (Pesky pandemic.)

I’ll be writing a blog soon about resources. The Poetry Foundation, for instance, is a treasure trove.

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Photo credits: Jr Korpa on Unsplash & 9883074 on Pixabay

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Thursday October 7 2021
Thursday, October 7 2021

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