21-day challenge: post (most days) on Google Business page

Tuesday November 9 2021 - Tuesday November 30 2021

Getting back into a habit: a daily post on Google Business

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National Poetry Day: rhyme time, ode to the road (ahead): 7 October

Thursday October 7 2021 - Thursday October 7 2021

National Poetry Day is just around the corner... looking ahead, having another prize to eye? That's a tonic, as they might say in Ireland. It's a day to share, discover and enjoy poetry. Are you a fan?

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30-minute discovery call: an open (no obligation) conversation

Friday October 1 2021 - Sunday October 31 2021

Mulling a new project: blogging, guest interviews, new website copy? Let's chat to explore that together.

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Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) training course: Mind East Kent

Tuesday June 8 2021 - Wednesday June 9 2021

I'm looking forward to this two-day, Mental Health First Aider online course run by Mind East Kent. It's a small investment towards helping others (and, of course, myself) achieve better mental health.

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100-day letter-writing challenge: #BMcreative100letters

Friday January 1 2021 - Saturday April 10 2021

A challenge to write regular letters to friends and family. Every day for 100 days.

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