Nano-adventures, mini-wins, mindful moments: 5 ideas

Photo of my border collie Seamus in a blog by Brian McGee

Nano-adventures: we all have our own version of what makes our heart sing, or skip a beat. One person’s mini-win is another’s “really”?

Adventures can come in all shapes and sizes, some of them off the scale. Here are a brief few ideas about the nano-versions, just maybe in our back yards, or even on our sofas.

Nano-travels, simple pleasures

Walking in the great outdoors for a couple of hours a day? Thank you our Seamus for making this a non-negotiable. (Some days it feels relentless, and the thought of an hour’s walk is daunting, but of course once we’re out there…)

And while in the elements, it will be a rare thing indeed if a nano-adventure or two doesn’t lie in our path.

A robin redbreast appears seemingly out of nowhere, then is gone before you know it. A blackbird flies from one bush to another (brown, was it, if so a female). Stand quietly for a moment, be still my beating heart.

Of course, we might not always be on form to savour the wonder of nature, for all sorts of reasons. Even on the off days, though, there’s solace to be had at the very least.

Certain age? Aren’t we all. Six ideas to get outside more (beyond the screens)

A robin redbreast in a blog by writer and editor Brian McGee

Mindful dishwasher

A friend from Liverpool days – how those decades fly by – tells how one of her childhood chores was to empty the dishwasher in the countryside near Hull. This she did crashing and banging, determined, so she tells the story, to hate every moment of it.

One fine day she realised that the chore could be a pleasure and, well, not a chore. I can just hear the change of rhythm to those cup-here, saucepan-there happier movements. Anyhow, it’s a story I love.

Each cup has its voice, each saucer its ear, and the thin chant planes
between the shelves, touching the timbres of glass and crystal
as it passes […]

The Kitchen by Lewis Turco
(Poetry Foundation)

Mindfulness blogs and posts on social media including LinkedIn often have photos of people meditating, perhaps in the mountains.

Meditating can be wonderful, for sure, but how about slowing down and taking as much pleasure as we can in the wow of now. Chores included? Always a pleasure, never a chore might be a stretch, but still…

Mini-wins, three (five?) at a time

I never get overwhelmed, ever – says nobody? We’ve not walked a mile in their moccasins, and all that, so it’s hard to say with any certainty.

There are countless ways to skin a cat, empty a dishwasher or clean the house. Having other beating hearts around us, and hitching a ride on their energy can be a big help, at least in my experience.

Three kittens in a blog by Brian McGee about nano-adventures

Those times when I’m bogged down in the weeds, getting started can be more than half the good fight. Begin with three things, however small, add another three, then five perhaps.

There, a chore with a dent in it already, three by three. Chore, or do I mean pleasure?

Mini-miracles: sea glass

Looking down as we walk on the nearby beach, with the purpose of finding a beautiful piece of smooth, green glass? That rarely works, other than to make me feel dizzy.

Walking along and happening upon such a mini-miracle is more likely. Some days one wonderful specimen seems to follow another, even if tiny in size.

Whether that’s pure luck or a case of getting my eye in and being more observant, who can say.

(Mudlarking on the foreshore of the Thames is another possibility.

If it’s the experience and a guide you’re after, Thames Explorer Trust can help – but they ask you only to take photos, and leave the artefacts behind.)

Crunch of kibble

A while back I heard tell of an “avid anti-dog person”. No doubt they had their reasons, though I might struggle to understand them entirely, I have to admit.

Be more Scout: five suggestions about work (& life) from doggo of my heart

The pleasure and joy of Seamus the sheepdog as my constant companion: I’d fair wear out my fingers recounting them all.

But among the highlights: here I be on the sofa, watching TV, reading or working.

Anchovies or tuna, a small grating of persuasive cheddar added to his kibble, the crunch crunch of the canine in the kitchen.



Image & video credits: Brian McGee; Netti_Nu_Nu, Dyadya_Lyosha, 422737, javlemus, all on Pixabay

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    • Brian McGee on

      Our pleasure Gill! Mindful escapology: we could all do with some of that… I have a whole host of #oldfindsnewstories preparation ahead of me, so I’ve been relaxing reading a book in preparation. Whatever works, right?

    • Brian McGee on

      Hi Stephanie, thanks a lot for your kind and generous comment. Seamus is on his hound hols at the moment, but will pass on your compliment when I collect him.


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