Anniversary blog: 7 ideas to take you beyond the bunting, cake and bubbles

Your business has plenty of anniversaries to celebrate, perhaps more than you realise: when you started out, moving to bigger premises, or maybe entering a new market…

Just the opportunity to create a blog – keeping in mind, of course, your ideal clients and how you help them – and giving you the chance to take stock into the bargain.

Here are seven ideas to help you plan that celebratory blog.

1. Images

Think laterally if you can when doing photo research for an anniversary blog. You may find just the celebratory image of cake you need… but searching for bunting, for example, may allow you to hit on something you prefer.

Compelling images will add to the appeal of your blog. Then when you come to promote it, pushing more and different eyes towards your website, those photos will make your tweets alluring too.

There are plenty of websites with free imagery if your budget is limited. (Please credit the photographer. Why not add a link to your completed blog in a thank-you comment on the photographer’s page?)

Anniversary blog

Instagram screenshot in a

I use the sites Pixabay and Unsplash, to name but two.

Remember that you can also use your own photography, including images you’ve posted on social media platforms such as Instagram.

If it’s a significant anniversary, you might want to set aside a budget to work with a professional photographer. You won’t regret having professional headshots for your profile pages including on LinkedIn.

2. Promotion

Creating an anniversary blog is one thing, getting loyal as well as different eyes on it is another. Try to think ahead to the kind of attention you want the blog to garner.

Without being too Machiavellian or dastardly about it, you may be able to include at least a couple of references in your blog that help with that promotion.

For instance I mention Croydon Chamber of Commerce in certain blogs, as well as PRCA (PR and Communications Association). Being a member of both, among other networks, helps me to develop my business. Why not say so?

3. Look ahead

Admittedly, if you have plans to steal a march on your competitors or are about to launch a new product that’s market-sensitive, you will of course want to keep these details close to your chest. (That’s a mix of metaphors, I hereby confess.)

Otherwise, go ahead and give your readers – among them potential new clients, returning customers and referrers (Venn diagram, anyone?) – a flavour of your ambitions for the next year or beyond.

Really not comfortable with that? It’s your tone of voice and your blog – you decide. However if you’re just slightly uncomfortable with the idea of talking about the future, without making yourself a hostage to fortune… give it a go.

4. Celebrate!

Anniversary blog

stokpic on Pixabay, published in a

Obstacles, challenges, problems…

No doubt you’ve faced plenty of those while building up your business. Remember though, there’s a lot to celebrate, achievements aplenty.

Got a new client, or repeat work from an existing one? Entered a new industry? Teamed up with an associate to broaden your offering? Got a new distribution deal?

Unless client confidentiality prevents you doing so, mention those milestones.

Back to those challenges.

Gloss over them? That’s hardly realistic. You may want to explain, briefly, how you have overcome them to deliver the quality of service you’re known for.

Getting the balance right between candour and confessional can be delicate.

What’s comfortable for one person makes another blog writer run a country mile. Why not ask a trusted associate or colleague to give their opinion on your draft?

(I also co-create blogs – including both text and imagery – in partnership with my clients. Please get in touch.)

5. Mini-Glastonbury?

Anniversary blog

ktphotography on Pixabay, in a

Whether or not it’s a significant anniversary – celebrating even 10 or 5 years in business is no mean feat – you may be putting on an event to mark the milestone.

What better opportunity to mention this in the blog (not everyone who reads it will necessarily expect an invitation) and to send the blog to those who come along.

Getting clients, suppliers, associates and referrers together to share a moment together. What’s not to like?

It doesn’t have to be a mini-Glastonbury either: a decent venue, a warm welcome and a convivial atmosphere go a long way.

6. Questions…

Stuck for ideas for your celebratory blog?

Take a pen and paper and make a list of questions that others may ask about your business, its progress and plans. The physical act of doing so, including doodles, may just help you to hatch some new ideas too.

Anniversary blog

Screenshot from Instagram, published in a

How about giving yourself some space, taking you and your thoughts to the great outdoors. It doesn’t have to be the Yosemite, it could just be your local park.

I am on occasion mocked — mocked! — for having a “police notebook” with me at all times. But when inspiration does strike and it’s that idea you may not remember later…

7. Walk the walk

Transmitting values by doing, rather than talking about them? Yes, there is that.

However if you try to support local traders, for instance, why not mention that the cake is from A, the bunting made by B and the bubbles for your get-together kindly provided by C.

With that come other opportunities to post on social media too, inviting more eyes to reach your blog. In the process, you’re helping local businesses A, B and C to stay “front of mind” with potential customers too.


The process of writing the blog will also help you to take stock, mull and ponder – giving you heart to work towards the next milestone. But before the hard graft and perseverance needed to get there, why not celebrate the progress you’ve already made.

(Lead image by Monicore, photo below by DariuszSankowski, both on Pixabay.)

*Please add any comment about this blog below. Many thanks.**

Anniversary blog

20 comments on “Anniversary blog: 7 ideas to take you beyond the bunting, cake and bubbles

  1. Sophie Marette on

    Very interesting. I’ve been thinking about all this when Voulez-vous turned 10 years last year, and 11 this year. People have to give it enough thought. More often than not, we are too busy with other things to do things properly. I make a personal note to organise myself better next year! 12 seems more important than 11 years.

    • Brian McGee on

      Many thanks for your comment, Sophie. Great to hear that you found this blog of interest. Yes, it’s very easy to miss a company anniversary: 12 years is a milestone for sure!

  2. Mike Ellis on

    Some very pertinent and important messages here.
    All entrepreneurs need time to think about their business, where it is in its development, making the right level of progress, key future developments, activities, services and/or products etc. Mentally reviewing all aspects, making notes and then turning these actions into their business plan.
    What better way of doing this than a good walk free from interruptions.

    • Brian McGee on

      Many thanks, Mike, for taking the time and trouble to write this detailed comment. And for reading the blog! Going for a walk is a great way (for me at least) of letting ideas and plans percolate.

  3. Charlotte Moyle on

    Some really influential comments in this post, we will definitely be taking these ideas in to consideration ready for our 10th birthday! I feel it is important to reflect on where the business was when it first started and see where it stands now, makes us feel proud to be part of such progression.

  4. Angela Burgess on

    Great post Brian. I think it is so important to celebrate your business milestones. I have done so every year I have been in business. In March 2020, I will be celebrating 15 years of my first magazine, SE22, so already making plans on how to use the fact to show my credibility and the fact I am still around!

    • Brian McGee on

      That’s quite a milestone, 15 years in business. Many congratulations! And thanks very much for reading the blog and your comment.

  5. Abi on

    Great blog and good ideas. Sometimes it is difficult to remember anniversaries etc due to the busy nature of running a business. Let’s hope we will have many more anniversaries to celebrate at Vinoteq!

    • Brian McGee on

      Hi Catherine, great to hear that you found the blog of interest. Many thanks for your comment. Yes, bunting is a fine thing!


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