How to encourage reader comments on your blogs: seven ideas

So you’ve written that blog. Now you want to encourage more and different people to read it and comment, from new and existing clients to prospects and referrers.

Inviting and responding to comments is a great way to keep your website content fresh while engaging with your readers. An open question, or a “call to action”, at the end of each blog you publish serves as an invitation for readers to join in the conversation.

Here are seven ideas to help you generate a wider range of comments:

1.  Keep asking!

Making regular and consistent requests that people a) read and then b) comment on your blogs does help. Of course the content of the blogs needs to be engaging, informative and helpful… (all three? even better).

Ask by email when you’re in touch with your contacts and clients, especially if the subject relates to what you’re chatting about…

Make the request in person too when you’re out and about at networking and other events.

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2. Return the favour…

Offering to read others’ blogs and to comment, if they want you to? Absolutely. In the process you’ll probably hit on new ideas for your own business.

It will also be an extra talking point when you next bump into each other. What’s not to like?

Not all blogs include the option to comment. If you’ve read something interesting and have something to add to the discussion, you may want to ask if there’s an option to add your point of view or share your experience…

3. Respond to the comment

Someone has written a comment: brilliant. Replying, as soon as you can afterwards, shows your appreciation and will encourage that reader, and others, to comment too.

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4. Tweet your thanks

You know that the person who’s left a comment is on Twitter. Send a tweet saying thank you for the comment and mention that you’ve replied. Include a link to the blog… encouraging more and different eyes to have a browse too.

5. Targets

If you can’t measure it, it’s not marketing – and all that. Setting yourself a goal for a certain number of comments per blog may well spur you on.

For instance three comments per blog is a reasonable number… and you may well get more responses than that.

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6. LinkedIn/Facebook

You’ve promoted your new blog on LinkedIn and/or your Facebook business page. Why not try out adding a comment to those posts saying thanks to someone who’s added a comment?

If you’ve read a blog that you’ve found particularly useful, consider sharing it on social media, crediting the writer. Chances are they’ll be delighted that you’re helping their blog to reach a wider audience.

7. Republish

If you publish the blog, or perhaps a summary of it, in a magazine column or on another website, be sure to include your “call to action” asking for comments, and a link back to the original blog, in that piece too.

After a few columns you can also do an aggregated post, i.e. a round-up of your columns so far. You may also wish to add a link to the magazine or website at the bottom of your original blog.


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Images in this blog: Matt Jones on Unsplash; Holgi, linh-pham, anSICHThoch3 & Pezibear on Pixabay.

**What’s your experience of garnering comments on your blogs?
Please add… a comment below. Many thanks!**

Pezibear on Pixabay published in a blog

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