Facebook: love it, hate it… ignore it at our peril? #BOWRivoli workshop

Peril, that may be melodramatic. But with about 1.3 billion users active on Facebook every day, it’s a social media platform with massive potential for business. Here’s a workshop that explores just that.

True enough, the product or service you offer may not appeal to a billion+ people.

As ever, you want as clear a picture as possible of your ideal customer so that you can best target your marketing.

On Weds 20 September at Rivoli Office in Ladywell, south London, why not spend the morning with other business owners in a hands-on #BOWRivoli workshop that focuses on Facebook?

There’s a babbling brook by Ladywell station. Who knew?

Should? Not here

Joining us at the next #BOWRivoli event is an invitation, a suggestion. All these workshops are “should-free zones” — this blog too.

We’ll explore how to share the story of your business on Facebook, engage with current clients and attract new ones.

It’s a pleasure to team up with graphic designer and business owner Stephen Shillito for the next in our series of workshops. (LinkedIn, blogging, Instagram? Watch this space…)

Here are a few ideas to think about:

  1. Little, often. Far better to post every day on your Facebook business page than to have a weekly Facebook blitz. It will also help you crack a new habit. (If you’re interested in habit formation, Gretchen Rubin may be for you.)
  2. Think local. Social media posts that highlight community events or praise a local shop or service provider get attention. Why not sign up to a local Facebook group? Penge Tourist Board, for example, is in my backyard.
  3. “Cross-pollinate”. Regular posts on Facebook will help you to engage more on other social media – and yes, save time doing so. Much of your Facebook content may be ready for LinkedIn too, with minimal changes.
  4. Share the praise. If you get a Facebook review about an event you’re running, why not say thank you there *and* on Twitter? Link Age Southwark attended a previous Twitter workshop on a free small-charity place.
  5. Strategy. Who do you want to reach and why? This blog by The Profitable Firm may help you. It’s targeted at accountants, but applies to any business.

Workshop it

We’ll cover this and more besides on Weds 20 Sept. Sage on the stage, droning on?

It’s not called a workshop for nothing: we’ll be working together, sharing ideas and experience. (Tea, coffee and biscotti are part of the deal.)

It’s also an opportunity to meet like-minded business owners, boosting your profile in the process.

Here are a few reviews from previous workshops, which focused on Twitter and editorial planning on social media more generally:

  • “fantastic training session” @rbusfield on Twitter
  •  “very enlightening (…)! Learned much to implement” @GlowingRep on Twitter
  • “an informative morning on the use of social media, we learnt lots” @LASwark on Twitter

The session is from 10am until 12.30pm. At the end of the morning, our aim is that you go away with fresh inspiration and a range of ideas to put into practice.

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash; lead image by knipsy* on Pixabay. (*Their punctuation.)

Numbers are limited to 12 so that all participants get the most out of the session. We look forward to working with you on Weds 20 Sept.

The booking details are here:


* What’s your experience of using Facebook for business? Please add a comment below. Many thanks. *

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    • Brian McGee on

      Thanks a lot, Guy. Great to have kept in touch since Bloomberg days. I’m looking forward to the next #BOWRivoli workshop – there are plenty more to come…


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