Sage on the stage? Not in this social media workshop…

Training, we all need it

The pace of change seems only to get faster – newsflash! – so not doing our level best to keep up hardly seems an option. Inevitably, that applies to social media and business too.

It’s a pleasure to team up with graphic designer and business owner Stephen Shillito to create this workshop in Ladywell, south London.

Sage on the stage? That’s not the idea. Think guide on the side.

It’s a hands-on, structured session at Rivoli Meeting Room, working with other business owners who face the same challenges as you.

Plan your social media posts

By the end of the afternoon workshop on Weds. 10 May, your editorial calendar will be bristling with new content and you’ll be ready to explore new directions for your social media posts and blog content.

That means you’ll become more flight of foot too in responding to opportunities and reacting to other people’s content. (After all, getting into a constructive conversation online can help to keep you in people’s minds…)

In the 2-hour session starting at 3pm, you will also:

  • explore *why* you’re using social media, including identifying your ideal clients;
  • see how analytics can work for you;
  • swap practical ideas on how to use social media more effectively;
  • meet fellow business owners and get fresh inspiration.

As a qualified teacher — and to quote a recent blog — I understand a thing or two about what makes for a  positive “learning journey”. Learning by doing? It’s not called a workshop for nothing.

If you’d like to stay at the venue and work until 6pm (please bring your laptop) we then plan to go for a quick drink nearby to carry on the conversation.

We hope you’re free to join us (numbers are limited to 12). It will be grand to meet you.

(The hashtag is #BOWRivoli — on Twitter and on other social media.) Weds. 10 May 3pm to 5pm.

9 comments on “Sage on the stage? Not in this social media workshop…

    • Brian McGee on

      Thanks a lot for the kind comments, Joanna… It will be great to share experience and ideas with other business owners. I’m looking forward to it! #BOWRivoli

  1. Ruth Curran Crawley on

    Hello Brian
    Your workshop sounds great (and exactly what I need!) and I would have loved to join it but I have to work next Wednesday afternoon.
    Are you likely to run other sessions? I’d definitely book in with a bit more notice!
    I’l share details of next week to my contacts today.

    • Brian McGee on

      Hi Ruth, thanks a lot for your comments. Shame you’re not free this time, but I’ll keep you posted about future workshops. Hoping to make them a regular fixture… Many thanks for sharing the details of Weds 10 May with your contacts! #BOWRivoli

  2. sian ellis-thomas on

    Hi Brian, Thanks for yesterday’s workshop There were some great insights and it’s good to meet people and share issues and solutions to the minefield that is social media. I look forward to workshop 2.0

    • Brian McGee on

      Great to meet you, Sian – many thanks for your comments. Plans for version #2 are already in the offing… details to follow. Thank you again.

  3. Stephen Shillito on

    Hi Brian, thank you for all the hard work and preparation in getting the first Business Owners Workshop off the ground. It was a productive afternoon that generated plenty of ideas and insights from the participants and I’m looking forward to collaborating on the next workshop.

    • Brian McGee on

      It’s been a pleasure! Thanks a lot for the comment, Stephen. Look forward to building on the first workshop and delivering the next one.


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